How to Distinguish LED Ceiling Lights From Downlights?

Jun. 01, 2021

From modern home lighting to lighting fixtures for commercial use, to lighting products used in various industries, there are countless lamps and lanterns that have yet to be named, such as halogen and metal halide lamps? What about ceiling lights and downlights? The lighting industry is the most power-consuming product in daily life, but with the research on lighting light sources in China and the emergence of new light sources, the lighting industry has undergone a sea change to be more environmentally friendly and green. Ceiling lights and downlights are the new products of this new era. So, what is the difference between ceiling lights and downlights, LED Downlight Manufacturers to give you a systematic introduction

LED Downlight

LED Downlight

The difference between ceiling lights and downlights - different installation locations

The first difference between ceiling lights and Downlights is the different installation positions. Downlights are usually installed in two ways: open or concealed, but no matter which installation method is used, they are usually installed on the edge of the ceiling. This mosaic type of fixture is always hidden in the corner on the side. On top, the projected light is directed downward. It can be matched with different bulbs, reflectors, louvers and other external components to increase the projection of the downlight. It takes up less space and is part of that spatial ambiance. What about ceiling lights? There are many varieties of ceiling lights, but most are used for interior decoration. Currently, the most important is the use of LED ceiling lights. In the bedroom, its decorative effect seems to be warm and romantic.

The difference between ceiling lights and downlights - different types

The second difference between ceiling lights and downlights is that they are of different types. Technically speaking, ceiling lights are a type of downlight. Downlights are generally energy efficient lighting products. The main function of ceiling lights is decorative. Nowadays, new LED light sources are also used to increase the luminosity of ceiling lights. Efficiency plays a role in energy saving and environmental protection. The difference between ceiling lights and downlights is the difference in function. Ceiling lights are mainly decorative, while downlights are mainly used for lighting. Due to the different functions and characteristics, there will be some changes in the use of the effect.

The difference between ceiling lights and downlights - different luminous carriers

The difference in luminous carriers is the biggest difference between ceiling lights and downlights. Why? Because the light source of the downlight is all LED energy-saving light source, using the light bulb as the luminous carrier, different from the ceiling lamp. The decorative effect of the ceiling lamp is stronger because it uses the lamp beads as the power source to emit light. This is the biggest difference between the two in terms of structure and nature. In fact, there are many more differences between ceiling lights and downlights, such as the installation method, what kind of installation method is used and so on, more or less. Some have to be distinguished from each other. Whether ceiling lights or downlights, they are the main lamps of modern home decoration.

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