How to Buy Cost-Effective LED Panel Lights?

Apr. 20, 2021

LED panel light price is low, because with environmental protection and energy saving and other product characteristics, has been loved by consumers. LED Panel Light Suppliers remind everyone: we buy and replace LED panel light, there are the following points need to pay attention to.

LED Panel Lights

LED Panel Lights

1.To understand the brand of LED panel lights. Try to choose a well-known brand. Those large enterprises overall good quality, LED panel lights price although higher, but both the peace project or performance aspects have a certain quality assurance. Selection of LED Panel Lights, can not only consider the price of LED panel lights, ignore the quality

2. To buy and sell products with "three packages" promise, such products LED panel light price more standard.

3. With ordinary phosphor or trichromatic phosphor can produce LED panel lights, with ordinary phosphor production of LED panel lights, LED panel lights price is relatively cheap, but this LED panel lights use a long time on the dark; and the use of trichromatic phosphor production of LED panel lights brightness and color are better, but the relative ordinary phosphor LED panel lights price is expensive, consumers Consumers can choose the right product according to their own situation. 

4. To pay attention to see whether the product logo is complete, regular LED panel light products generally have registered trademarks, factory name, factory address, contact number, etc., LED panel light prices will be higher than those produced by small factories.

5. Pay attention to the logo. LED panel lights low price, consumers in the purchase of LED panel lights, look at the packaging or instructions for the logo.

6. Do not buy LED panel light products that are too low in price.

In fact, consumers in the purchase of LED panel lights, the most simple and easy way is to make a comparison test, high quality LED panel lights higher prices, the light emitted exactly the same as incandescent, giving a comfortable feeling, if the light will feel zapped if you look directly at the light. Inferior or counterfeit products do not have such characteristics, the light emitted like a layer of gray, light color is not comfortable, the color will be distorted under the irradiation of this light, and direct vision light will not have a blinding feeling.

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