The Advantages and Development Prospects of LED Ceiling Lights

Nov. 11, 2020

The LED Ceiling Light is a new type of ceiling light designed and produced by aluminum alloy with high thermal conductivity and patented structure technology, which has been widely used in the field of commercial lighting and home lighting. The various specifications of LED ceiling lamps are suitable for use in different places, mainly depending on the brightness, irradiation distance, and installation width required by the user.

So, what are the advantages of LED ceiling lights?

1.LED ceiling lamp has longer service life, high resistance to vibration and impact, and its characteristics are more attractive.

2. Good monochromaticity, common colors include red, green, yellow and orange. Its color can be changed by changing the current. It does not contain ultraviolet and infrared radiation in the spectrum, and contains less harmful mercury elements, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

3. The LED is driven by DC voltage and can maintain high brightness even under low voltage and low current conditions.

From this point of view, compared with ordinary lighting fixtures, Indoor Led Lights have obvious advantages. Therefore, as incandescent lamps are eliminated, the market will eventually be occupied by LED lamps.

LED Ceiling Light

LED Ceiling Light

Advantages of LED ceiling light

High efficiency and energy saving   only 1 kilowatt-hour of electricity per thousand hours

Long life   life span can reach 100,000 hours

Healthy light The light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared rays, and does not produce radiation

Green and environmentally friendly, it does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead, which is conducive to recycling and utilization

Protect eyesight   DC drive, no flicker

High light efficiency and low heat generation, 90% of electric energy is converted into visible light

High safety factor   the required voltage and current are small, the heat is small, and no safety hazard occurs, and it can be used in dangerous places such as mines

The future development prospects of LED ceiling lights

Under the background of global promotion of low-carbon economy, the LED ceiling lamp market has high hopes. LED ceiling lighting is more efficient, longer life, and excellent color rendering, which makes it far surpass other products and win more people's attention and love.

Because of this, LED Lights are developing rapidly, from the first signal indication to today's car lights, LED display screens, and lighting, both in terms of technology and application, there have been great advances.

There is still a lot of room for further research before LED ceiling lights become dominant in the future. Only under the premise of having funds, talents, market and technology can there be good optoelectronic products. Without these premises as the foundation, the final output may be optoelectronic waste. The premise of lighting should be in line with the changes in the natural ecological environment. Another aspect of green energy-saving lighting is to reduce light pollution. Having a healthy lighting environment is the final purpose of green lighting development.

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