The Role of LED Floodlights

Oct. 16, 2020

When night falls, urban construction will put on a beautiful and attractive coat, and LED Lights will add a touch of vitality to the city at night. The night city needs LED lighting decoration. With the opening of the times, there are many options for city night lighting, but LED floodlights are still one of the classic technologies for building lighting.

What is a flood light:

First of all, we must know that floodlights are not spotlights, not projection lights, nor spotlights. Floodlights can produce highly diffuse, directionless light instead of making clear light, so the shadows produced by Floodlights will be softer and more transparent.

Floodlights are generally used to illuminate targets under certain conditions, and their brightness is significantly higher than the surrounding brightness. The lighting function not only improves the overall picture of the building, but also effectively expresses the shape, three-dimensionality, decoration color, material texture, and even decoration details.

50W Floodlight

50W Floodlight

Floodlighting is not just a copy of the daytime phenomenon of the building, but further is that it uses the light, color and shadow of the floodlight to reshape the phenomenon of the building, making it more dynamic, beautiful and majestic at night.

Technical key points of floodlights

At that time, the most widely used floodlight decoration lighting technology was not only floodlights and lighting, but the fusion of lighting phenomenon art and technology. Planning and production should be based on the location, function and characteristics of the building. Lamp lighting can reflect different parts of the building and the scene in different areas.

The projection angle and direction of the floodlight

Projecting a group of floodlights in the same direction to the lighting policy in the same direction, or projecting from two directions with contrasting hues, can enhance the stereo effect, and the projection angle of the 50W Floodlight will cause shadows to be cast. Shadow and bright contrast can also be excellent three-dimensional.

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