Living Room Decoration-LED Lamp Purchase Tips

Mar. 22, 2021

The living room is an important place for our activities in normal times. Usually, the lighting time is the longest, and a comfortable and harmonious environment needs to be created. In the past, many people in home decoration chose to use LED Downlights, incandescent lamps and ordinary energy-saving lamps as their lighting sources. These two light sources are neither energy-saving nor environmentally friendly. LED lamps are the most energy-saving lamps today. With the maturity of LED lamp technology, more and more households use LED lamps. So which points should we consider when purchasing?

LED Downlights

LED Downlights

According to the height of the floor, choose LED lights with suitable power and downlights of relevant sizes.

The height of the family living room of different layouts is different, such as duplexes are generally higher, and the height of commercial housing is limited, so we must first determine the net height of the house after the ceiling, and then choose different living room lights.

Choose LED lights from well-known brands or manufacturers with relevant certifications.

Because living room lights involve electrical safety issues, choosing unqualified LED lights will not only fail to get the desired lighting effect, but may also cause electrical safety accidents in serious cases. So we have to choose familiar brands or products from qualified manufacturers.

Choice of luminous color.

Many home lights on the market are mainly yellow light and white light. Because LED Energy-Saving Lamps are the same as traditional home lighting sources, they can use warm white yellow light and white light. The yellow light color temperature of warm white light is generally 3000~3400K, while white light is generally 6000~6500K. We can use a variety of colors when decorating our homes, using the way of plum blossoms, using white light and yellow light at intervals, and install them in two groups at the beginning. If only white light is installed, in winter, the white light always feels dim at the beginning, so it is best to intersperse with warm white light.

Material selection of downlight.

There may be many people who choose the milky white light surface when decorating, and the milky white downlight surface is made by electric spraying, and it will tend to yellow after a long time. So it is recommended to use silver or other colors. Minimize the use of polished surfaces and use brushed surfaces as the main material, and use aluminum as much as possible instead of plastic. If the home is a simple decoration, the color is mainly dark coffee, which is popular in homes. The square is a good choice. If the home is decorated in a modern and simple style, a round shape is your good first choice.

Things to pay attention to

What everyone needs to understand is that no matter what kind of shape of the living room lamp, it mainly depends on the composition line of the main decoration of your home, the size of the space, and the height. If the plaster line used in the corner color of your home is made of very soft arcs, then choosing a square shape is no problem. For example, if the furniture in your home is of Chinese style and angular classic style, then round downlights with LED lights can also be used.

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